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How I Survived Mom Guilt – and You Can Too

Have you ever felt guilty for feeling guilty? Have you felt like you’re never doing enough even though you’re doing your best every dang minute? Yes? Then you are very likely a mom. (And if you haven’t, then the moms you know and love might need you to read this,...

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The Power of the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Snuggle up with a cup of tea, dear ones, it’s story time. ~ ~ ~ ~ Once upon a time, there was a young woman who thought she’d found true love at last. She had met a prince like no other. He was kind, intelligent, adventurous and, most importantly, showed...

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Power of the Pause – Covid-19 Anxiety Support

We are almost a month into living through a historically catastrophic global experience. I have to be honest with you, it has taken me this long to reach out because I’ve been busy processing all of it. I am deeply empathetic person so feeling the global impacts PLUS navigating my family...

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2020 Word of the Year

You see it everywhere – people choosing their words for the coming year. The words that they hope will ground them, centre them and keep them aligned through all the unavoidable craziness of their lives. Words often chosen are ones like Gratitude, Abundance, Faith, Balance, Joy.   It can be...

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Two Stages, One Weekend – Fear is no Match for Purpose

Stepping up onto a stage is scary, an experience feared more than death by the majority of people. This past weekend I stepped onto not one, but two stages, and it was so much more than scary. Stage 1 – Out of the Closet On Friday evening I stepped onto...

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Radical Acceptance Changes Everything

Remember this scene from “I Feel Pretty”? She looks at herself with awe and wonder, glorying in the gorgeous miracle of her natural body. Her whole life changes from that moment on. (If you haven’t seen this movie yet – you must!) At the gym yesterday, I saw a bona...

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How to Banish the Inner Limiting Voices

They are almost never based on fact. Those negative inner limits are based on an ancient psychological tool to keep us safe. They are based on Conjecture RATHER THAN FACT (“they won’t like you”) Worst-case scenarios (“you’re probably going to fail”) A belief that all change is BAD/DEADLY (“don’t do...

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What are You Hiding From?

There is a time and place for hiding. When a weapon-wielding criminal is chasing you. When you’re waiting for the birthday boy to arrive for his surprise party. When you spot that chatty inescapable person at the grocery store. Then – you hide! But how do we actually hide, every...

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we all have each other

You are NOT a Problem

In all my years as a crisis line volunteer I’ve never had someone end their life while on the phone with me.  Last night it’s very possible that my lucky streak ended. It was a busy night at the call-in centre.  Call after call after call kept flowing in.  It’s...

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