Hello Dear One

My name is Cari and I am a Self-Kindness Coach. Through our work together, my clients build a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with themselves. When you change how you see yourself – EVERYTHING CHANGES!

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Suzie B.
"Supportive and Simple. Cari took the overwhelm out of how to create the best me. Her devotion, support and expertise on the small changes I needed to make have made a huge difference in my life."


In a world of distraction, comparison and pressure, there are so many things beyond our control. My passion is connecting people to the single most influential element in your life that is completely within your control – your relationship to yourself.

your relationship to yourself
Cari as a new mom

My passion has always been for people to feel within themselves the strength and potential and to know how to activate it through mindful, grounded living.

Through thousands of hours coaching, and decades of connecting people to their inner strengths, I have developed The Way In, a program to deepen and strengthen your relationship to yourself. Through a combination of coaching, meditation, mindfulness and deep introspection, The Way In practitioners’ lives are forever changed. When they change their relationship to their thoughts, they change everything!

So much of the suffering in our lives is changeable, it is my mission to help as many people as possible live from a place of love and kindness.

I didn’t get there on my own and you don’t have to either.
Carlos Ignacio T., Maryland, D.C.
"Cari helped me see the best in myself and boosted my confidence through powerful coaching sessions filled with insights, new perspectives and most importantly, holding me in the center with care and a loving presence. Cari is a natural, caring and powerful coach and I have been blessed with our time together!"


Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) – Co-Active Training Institute is the most respected coach certification school recognized world-wide.

Accredited Certified Life Coach (ACC) – International Certification with the ICF putting Cari in the top tier of professional coaches across the globe.

Degree in Religious Studies & Philosophy – University of Alberta.  Cari’s respect and openness for individual spirituality grounds her coaching with a body-mind-spirit focus.

Volunteer Roles
Distress Centre Calgary – 3 years as a Crisis Line Volunteer, 2 years as a Leadership volunteer
Gems for Gems – Community Member and guest speaker
Energy for All – Board Director
Amnesty International

Derek S.
"Cari is amazing! By using her authentic caring, I changed my entire perspective AND I feel genuine belief in myself. You cannot help but feel excited about your future when you realize that changing your habits and your perspective doesn't have to be hard or complicated."

My Story

don't stay in abusive relationship

As a young woman, long before becoming who I am today, I was, like so many people, living a double life. On the outside, I looked content, moderately accomplished and even somewhat confident. I was completing a degree, paying my own way through and had cycled across Canada. But on the inside, I was a hot mess. I spent immense amounts of time and energy battling my inner negativity, over-eating as a coping tool, and generally working very hard to maintain a glimmer of hope and positivity within my heart and mind. I struggled to deeply connect to the joys of life, precious moments seemed to just bounce off me.

Then, in my 20’s I nearly lost myself in a long-term abusive relationship. I thought I had found someone who would finally love me for exactly who I was. Turns out, I found someone who parroted the inner negativity I had always struggled with and used it to keep me trapped and compliant. It took all my strength (and the firm nudge of an angel) to free me from that emotionally abusive prison.

Once freed, with the support of coaches and therapists, friends and family, I learned how to connect to my inner strengths. I went back to my spiritual roots and practiced mindfulness meditation and self-compassion. I shared what I was learning about inner strength with anyone who would listen. Whenever a friend, or even a stranger, showed their pain and suffering to me, I brought my full heart to them to help them see the strength I saw I them.

This is 40

Then in my 40’s, a mother and wife, I went back to school to solidify my passion for helping people by completing the world’s most prestigious and rigorous coach training. I became an Internationally Certified Professional coach to bring the most skills possible to helping people build confidence, feel truly grounded and centred in their lives, and above all to finally feel the love within themselves that they give so easily to others.

During my studies I spent 5 years on the local suicide hotline, supporting and loving fellow humans through their most painful and vulnerable moments. If I didn’t know it before that work, I sure knew after that my purpose is to bring people to their inner strengths, to guide them to love themselves.

We love others unconditionally, so why not ourselves?
It is my mission to guide as many people as possible to love themselves unconditionally.
I guarantee that everything changes when you do!

Your Story

If you are:

  • Struggling to connect to joy
  • Self-Sabotaging your own goals and dreams
  • Feeling numb and disconnected
  • Always giving and not receiving
  • Battling constant inner negativity
  • Motivated to feel more joy, confidence, love, purpose

Then from this moment on, you are no longer alone in your struggles. I am here for you. Whether it’s through practicing The Way In, or through a personalized coaching program, or even through connecting you to other supports, I am here.

Reach out to me now, while you feel it.
Don’t let your inner critics talk you out of it.
Your joyful, purpose-driven life can begin right now.

Kathy K.
"The coaching experience that I have had with Cari has allowed me to explore some emotions that have been hiding below the surface. These feelings have been exposed and released in a thoughtful way that has allowed me to embrace them and learn from them. I have been very comfortable in discussing a range of topics as they have arisen and felt at all times that I have been heard and that confidentiality has been respected."