Radical Acceptance Changes Everything

Remember this scene from “I Feel Pretty”? She looks at herself with awe and wonder, glorying in the gorgeous miracle of her natural body. Her whole life changes from that moment on. (If you haven’t seen this movie yet – you must!)

At the gym yesterday, I saw a bona fide real life miracle.

A woman in the busy change room, naked in front of a full-length mirror, massaging lotion into her skin. She looked at her reflection as she moisturized, making sure each inch of skin was cared for.

The miracles contained in that moment were:

  • She had no shyness, none!
  • She wasn’t looking critically at herself, no furrowed brow or tsk tsk
  • She was lovingly caring for every inch of her skin
  • She was wrinkly, saggy, bumpy

Basically, she was amazing! Her love and acceptance of her body was nothing less than – RADICAL!

In the few seconds I saw her for she changed me. Her RADICAL ACCEPTANCE of herself changed me.

I thought I loved and accepted my body. She showed me how far I have yet to go. When I too can stand in my full glory lovingly and unhurriedly caring for my body in a public change room, I will have graduated to her Yoda-level of radical acceptance and self-love.

That is my goal!

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