2020 Word of the Year

You see it everywhere – people choosing their words for the coming year. The words that they hope will ground them, centre them and keep them aligned through all the unavoidable craziness of their lives. Words often chosen are ones like

Gratitude, Abundance, Faith, Balance, Joy.  

It can be a wonderful practice, words are so powerful and when chosen and called on can be truly transformative.

Right now though, before we propel ourselves into the future year, let’s pause and become present together. This moment – right now, right here, is the absolute only thing we know for sure.  Everything contained in this moment is our whole life.  Everything you’ve ever done, ever felt, ever failed at, ever achieved, ever wished for, ever grieved over – everything is right here with you in this moment.

We are so often not in the grounded reality of this moment, though, right?  We are in the past (“Geez, I wish I could do/feel/be what I used to”). Or we are in the future (“2020 is going to be the year I finally…”). Or we are in that no-mans-land of our thoughts, making presumptions, believing inner critics, assuming the worst, distracting ourselves.  The next time you start to feel stress, frazzled, disconnected ask yourself – Where Am I Right Now?  I guarantee you that your thoughts will not be in the present, they will be somewhere else.

So for just this moment, let’s be present together. Let’s end the year in the most grounded way we can. Here we go –

  1. Feel your eyes and brain working together to read these words, pupils moving, brain processing and understanding. There’s a present-moment miracle right there!
  2. Feel the breath flowing in and out of you. Put your hand to your heart or pulse point to feel yet another miracle. You are alive, vital, humming with life force.
  3. Feel the safety that surrounds you. You are warm, safe, comfortable. Miracle, gift, blessing.
  4. Take it deeper and feel the love within you. The love you have for others. The love you miss, the love you wish for. It’s all inside you, feel it right now. The love that is within you is as real as your breath, your heart beat, your bones.
  5. Feel the energy of that love flow through you like light spreading across the land as the sun rises. Each time your mind wants to pop away to another place/time/detail that isn’t right here right now, gently and persistently bring your attention back to JUST THIS MOMENT and all it contains. Breathe in the gifts and miracles that surround you, and fill you.

Everything you wish for starts by being present to this moment.

The answer to every problem, struggle, fear

can begin to be solved by becoming truly present.

What’s most present for me as I type these words is THANKFULNESS.  I am so thankful for you, all that you are and all that you wish to be. Truly.  I am thankful to everything and everyone who has participated in the making of this moment.

May you and yours have a moment, a day, a year filled with awareness of all the gifts and miracles within you and around you. Happiness is within you, get present and love yourself exactly as you are and you will find it.

I am here for you. integrity, self confidence

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