The Power of the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Snuggle up with a cup of tea, dear ones, it’s story time.
~ ~ ~ ~
Once upon a time, there was a young woman who thought she’d found true love at last. She had met a prince like no other. He was kind, intelligent, adventurous and, most importantly, showed her that he saw and loved her for who she really was. She gave her full heart to this young man, believing that he would love her and care for her as tenderly as she knew she would him.
Alas, the prince was a villain in disguise. He was a dark wizard who had created a shield to hide his true nature. The poor young woman saw only what he wanted her to see, and what her heart wanted to believe. By the time she learned his true nature, the young woman had been nearly destroyed in her efforts to love him and to be loveable to him. Even though she looked the same on the outside, on the inside she was bedraggled, sunken and her glow had become a tiny flicker of light. Her heart was so battered and scarred, she feared it would never heal.
Then one magical day, when the dark wizard was right in the middle of spewing one of many daily curses to further darken the young woman’s heart and mind, a warm golden glow fell like a heaven-sent mist onto her head and shoulders.
Magically, all the chains of love, hope, and loyalty that had kept her imprisoned suddenly loosened and fell away. She felt her back straighten as the burden of his dark gaze disappeared. She looked up and saw the dark wizard with clear eyes for the first time. The golden mist had washed away the power of his shield and the maiden could see him fully. She saw his dark shrivelled heart and his eyes lit up by cruelty.
She felt strength rush through her body and mind. Her inner light began to spark and flicker.
“You no longer have power over me, dark one. I am leaving.” And without a backward glance or a moment of doubt, she walked away.
The young woman never forgot the lessons she learned during that dark time. Through all her future years of love, friendship, service and adventure, she spoke the lessons aloud to herself whenever she needed strength and clarity. She would look into her own eyes and say ~
My heart is pure.
My love deserves the same love in return.
~ ~ ~ ~
Now, dear ones, this is a fantasy version of a true story, but you probably guessed that already. For months after I survived that abusive relationship, I punished myself with a different version of the story. For a while, the story I told myself was of a weak young woman who should have known better than to ever be fooled by a dark wizard. A cautionary tale of a girl who was too dumb and weak to know better, and who paid the price. A girl who didn’t deserve any better than what she got. The end.
Can you imagine where I would be today if I’d kept telling myself THAT story? I sure as heck wouldn’t be here in this life that is full of love and support, purpose and possibility. I would have likely met a whole string of dark wizards, and lost my light completely. Does that possible path make you think of anyone you know? Yes, me too.
In the months of healing and introspection after the abuse was behind me, instead of beating myself up for needing to learn something the hard way, I chose to see my story differently.
I chose what story was most true for who I really am, most true for who I have always been. And THAT is the story I live by.
My wish for you, Dear Ones, is to choose the right stories to live by. So much of the coaching work I do with clients is untangling their dark stories and building new truer stories that they will live by.
If you want to know more, want to feel more love and kindness within your every thought – reach out to me. I am building programs and workshops just for folks like you. And I’d love your input on exactly what you want and need.
Feel free to share this blog with anyone you feel could benefit from it. Best way is to share this newsletter or direct them to my Facebook page.⠀⠀
Bring some love and kindness to your innermost thoughts, my lovelies. It makes all the difference in the world.⠀⠀⠀

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