mom guilt and how it affects mind and self-worth

What is a Mom’s state of mind worth?

mom guilt and how it affects mind and self-worth
We moms are constantly prioritizing and calculating the worth of things. Saving time, money and effort are key ways for us to #doallthethings and manage the physical and #emotionallabour that parenting requires.
Inevitably, we struggle to value our own wellbeing as highly as that of our family and all their needs. In these days of pandemic parenting, it can be harder than ever to put our wellbeing higher up on the to-do list. 
Read on for a way to assess how much you actually value your wellbeing, and how to improve it.
Let’s start with a question –
“Is your state of mind worth more
than 4 jugs of milk?”
Where did your mind go to try to answer this question?
Maybe your mind started calculating –
“Ok milk is about $5, so that would be $25. Is my state of mind worth more than that?”
Or perhaps your mind wondered why it even matters what your state of mind is worth, considering all the other important things you have to worry about.
Maybe your mind said “I don’t know” because your state of mind is not a priority compared to things like groceries. Your state of mind is just a fact of life that you deal with.
Here’s a new perspective for you –
If the question was changed to ask

“Is your child’s state of mind worth more than some milk?”

would you have hesitated at all before yelling out YES!!!!!!!
Do you see how differently you value your own wellbeing than that of your child? 
Are you surprised? Isn’t it wild how straightforward the question is when relating to your child versus how complicated it feels when it is about you?
As moms, we often struggle with being highly self-critical which results in a low sense of self-worth.
Thinking less of ourselves and feeling guilty for not doing things ‘perfectly’ results in us not feeling worthy of care, love and attention.
Thus we put our wellbeing at the bottom of the to-do list, where it inevitably falls off and never gets taken care of.
When our wellbeing isn’t taken care of, we are unable to show up as our best selves. We are grumpy, less energetic, less engaged, less healthy. All of that makes us feel even worse, more guilty, less worthy…
Hello vicious cycle!
I use to put my wellbeing at the bottom of the to-do list, and then wonder why I was increasingly unhappy, unhealthy and less of the person I knew myself to be. I nearly lost myself in that struggle. (see here for more of this story)
That was before I knew better. As a Certified Life Coach I vowed to

support the worthiest people on the planet


To help moms be as kind, loving and caring to themselves as they are to their families.
  • prioritizing your wellbeing
  • feeling good within your own mind so you can be a happier you
  • not having the weight of mom guilt and inner negativity making your life harder than it needs to be.
  • modelling self-kindness to your family so they can learn to be kind and loving to themselves too.
What is that worth?
If it is worth more than 4 jugs of milk, or $29,
sign up for the
You deserve it without question.
I am here with you.
(next challenge starts Jan. 17-21st 2022, click image for all the info)

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