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An prize-winning writer, Structural Editor and Certified Coach. Cari knows how to help you 


Since 2019 Cari has been coaching writers to courageously show up on the page, stay in creative flow and reach their ideal readers.

Here’s what some people are saying
"As writers, we can have brilliant notions that we can't seem to express on paper with the same clarity with which we can see them in our minds. Cari has this uncanny ability to see the essence of your message at its core and how all the pieces fit together. With gentle guidance, she pulls the details out of you that bring your work from excellent to extraordinary. I think her greatest gift is she can see the natural flow of your story and helps you organize your ideas in a way that allows the reader to hear your words like the notes of a well-orchestrated symphony. The result is a written piece of work that dives deep into your soul and helps you connect with the very heart of your reader."
"If you hope to find an editor who is inspirational and empowering, I highly recommend Cari. I learned so much about structure and point of view, in particular, and I accepted all of her suggestions as her expertise quickly became evident. Cari is entirely reliable and professional, working her way through with thoughtful consideration, expediency, and enthusiasm. Throughout our work together, Cari had my best interests at the forefront. I would love to work with her again, any time."

Writing Coach Services

Find Your Voice ~ Reach Your Reader

“Working with Cari will improve your writing skills and help your story become more than you imagined it could be. Her editing helped me dig into my memories and put the images I saw onto paper resulting in a richer narrative. Through her suggestions, I was able to keep my own voice while improving the structure of my book and to also improve my skills as a writer.”
“Cari is an exceptional listener who skillfully asked guiding questions that helped me gain clarity on my writing focus. I appreciated that she allowed my own writing style and voice to shine through. This was my first experience of working with a professional editor and I felt she clearly communicated every step of the process and was timely in getting back to me to answer questions as well as with her edits. I always left our interactions feeling empowered. I learned so much from working with Cari, and without a doubt, I would hire her again!”